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Post by iCobalt on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:56 pm

Hello and welcome to the Sim Racing Pitstop forum! Like every forum we have certain rules our lovely members have to abide by so we can avoid going into the spiral of destruction that so many other forums have done before. So let's start;

1. NO FLAMING: This is a top rule. We are a racing forum, not a fight club so please if you have a problem with a member, sent them a polite PM saying "Hey that was kinda rude" or something. We don't want to see fights on the forum. In the Racing Forums, you can debate, but please know the line between a friendly debate and being a jerk.

2. NO WHINING ABOUT OTHER COMMUNITIES: Whining in general won't make you look great, but if you badmouth other leagues or forums you will be going on an involuntary vacation. We don't want to be a part of any inter-league wars, so don't come on whining about how you got wrecked out of 57th at <generic NR4 league here>

3. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY: The admins here are pretty lenient with what we let you say here, but we don't want things like religion or politics coming onto the forum, really, since that will just end up with flame wars and lots of banned members. We don't really care about the language used in posts but don't make it obsessive. It also should be obvious that we don't tolerate racism or any prejudice of the sort. That being said, we're pretty light hearted around here, and we know the difference between a joke and something serious.

4. THE ADMINS CALL IS FINAL: Almost all the time, the admins call will be final. Of course, if we've got something horribly wrong you can shoot any of us a PM and be like "Hey, this is actually what happened", but if you have a best friend who is breaking every single rule on an hourly basis, they will be gone, and we won't let them back just because they're your friend.

5. DON'T SPAM: This should be an obvious rule but there is something to add onto it. If we come across a lovely spambot, do NOT post in that thread. Just leave the admins to deal with it and we can get rid of it.

6. DON'T BUMP: Again, an obvious one, but unless it's really relevant, bumping shouldn't happen. This also applies for every  post after the original bump, because that's also adding to the unnecessary lengthening of a post.

7. STAY ON TOPIC: If the thread is about Kyle Larson winning another 200 late model races, keep the topic about the 200 races Larson won. Don't drift off talking about what you had for dinner that night.

That should be all. If you, for some reason, have a problem with any of the rules, please shoot me or Jacob E a PM, and we'll talk to you about it. Thanks! Very Happy


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